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About Log Cabin Toys

Crafty Design Ltd is a family owned Canadian business proudly producing Log Cabin Toys since 1991. Customers throughout Canada and around the world enjoy building our nostalgic cabins and collecting the whole Log Cabin village.  We pride ourselves in providing a wholesome fun family experience.  Our wooden Log Cabin Toys provide the opportunity to teach history and reflect on a simpler way of life.  Our goal is to provide an authentic Log Cabin building experience that is educational, environmentally responsible and fun and engaging for all ages. 


Children and adults are intrigued by pioneer life.  It was an adventure travelling across the country to live a life vastly different from life today.  Family, community and working cooperatively were essential to survive the challenges many faced.  What better way to teach children about pioneer life then building Log Cabin Toys. 

Log Cabin Toys have been created to bring you a true to life replica of historic log buildings. Log cabins built by the pioneers were generally limited to the size of log that one man with a mule could bring in from the forest and two men could lift as they built up the walls. Notches would assemble the logs at the corners.  The single saddle notch, where one log has a notch cut near the end of the log to fit the next log, as opposed to the double saddle notch, was very commonly used.   Log Cabin Toys use the same building techniques as the pioneers. The ends of the logs are notched with a single saddle notch and the logs form an interlocking joint when another notched log is set over it at a right angle.

Log Cabin Toys provides children and adults of all ages a traditional authentic Log Cabin building experience. 



We care about our children’s future and the future of our planet.  We rely solely on local Western Hemlock and Western Red Cedar for our Log Cabin Toys and 100% of the production of Log Cabin Toys is done at our location in Fort Langley, British Columbia.  Because of the size of the parts and our environmental priorities we are able to utilize almost all of the wood acquired so waste is virtually nonexistent.  Although Log Cabin Toys are meant to last a lifetime, both our product and our packaging are biodegradable.  We look forward to a time where all businesses regardless of size prioritize social and environmental responsibility in all parts of the supply chain in order to protect our collective future.



Log Cabin Toys is a timeless classic that can support a child’s development and is both fun and entertaining. Building Log Cabin Toys helps children to improve both mental and physical dexterity and emotional and social skills, but Log Cabin Toys aren’t just for children.  Here at Crafty Design we believe spending time together as a family is important and play is a great way to be intentional about spending time with your loved ones.  Log Cabin Toys make fantastic family projects where you can turn off the electronics and spend quality time together sharing a fun and challenging activity.

Log Cabin Toys are designed for everyone to enjoy. Boys and Girls or Grandmas and Grandpas…there is a Log Cabin Toy for you!

We have categorized our Log Cabins by difficulty and recommended ages so you can find the right one for everybody, but with a little help from Mom and Dad, or Grandma and Grandpa even the youngest children will enjoy building authentic cabins. 



We pride ourselves in our customer service. Every order gets prompt and personal attention, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our products or our site.

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