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1. Click on the 'Grab Text' button. All the HTML code should be highlighted. Press the Control (Ctrl) and C keys down on your keyboard at the same time to copy the text.

2. Paste the code text directly into the code of the page you would like our link to appear on.

The link will appear like this: Little Cabins... Lots of Fun!

Then use Ctrl-C to copy the text and Ctrl-V to paste into your web page.


Links to our Partners


Charitable Organizations

Get To Know
The Robert Bateman 'Get to Know' Program inspires youth to discover the natural world.


Log Home Manufacturers

Pioneer Log Homes of BC
The finest cedar log homes on earth.

An independent distributor of Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes.

Trophy Amish Cabins
Highest Quality, Amish constructed movable Log Cabins & Playhouses.


Red Pine Camp
Family Camping since 1925

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