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Crafty Design Ltd. is a small family business based in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. Our goal is to offer high quality, authentic, fun and educational Log Cabin Toys. We pride ourselves on creating a locally based product and being environmentally conscious.


Log Cabin Toys are a true to life replica of historic log buildings. Log cabins built by the pioneers were generally a 16 to 18 foot square box. It was limited to this size because a 16 or 18 foot log was generally what one man with a mule could bring in from the forest. It was also about the largest that two men could lift as they built up the walls. It was usually one storey high with a sleeping or storage loft beneath the gabled roof. The main room could be either one large space, or divided between a kitchen/living area and small bedrooms. The construction was concentrated at the corners, where 'notches' would assemble the logs. A saddle notch, one of the simplest notches, was very commonly used. The single saddle notch is where one log has a notch cut near the end of the log to fit the next log (as opposed to the double saddle notch where the log has two notches at both top and bottom). Roofs were generally clad with cedar shingles.

Our Log Cabin Toys use the same building techniques as the pioneers. The ends of the logs are notched with a single saddle notch and the logs form an interlocking joint when another notched log is set over it at a right angle. The roof, made of real cedar wood, replicates the cedar shingles that would have originally been hand made.


Much of the wood used to make the cabin parts is reclaimed waste wood. This reduces the amount of wood that goes into the trash and reduces the demand on the forest. We further try to minimize the impact on the environment by using packaging material that is recycled and is biodegradable.


We pride ourselves in our customer service. Every order gets prompt and personal attention, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our products or our site.

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